If you need some eye bleach, watch these Matschie's tree kangaroos munching on leaves

Imagine the most adorable, fluffiest, cutest stuffed animal you've ever seen. And then pretend that it somehow, through the most benevolent magic, turns into a real, live animal. THAT, my friends, is a Matschie's tree kangaroo. And there are no finer examples of this truly perfect animal—they are, in my humble opinion, the Platonic ideal of a cute animal—than Paia and her mom Keweng, who are part of the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. Roger Williams Park Zoo provides this brief overview of the Matschie tree kangaroo:

Matschie's tree kangaroos like Paia and Keweng are an endangered species and one of actually 14 different species of tree kangaroo. Unfortunately, many people don't even know these magical animals exist. Let's help raise awareness of this species!

Watch these two videos of Paia and Keweng blissfully munching away on leaves. I definitely needed this eye, brain, and ear bleach after the deep dives into the cesspool of conspirituality I've been doing lately. Thanks, tree kangaroos!

For more photos of videos of tree kangaroos and other adorable creatures, follow Roger Williams Park Zoo on Instagram.

Cute creature rating: 241/10