Sky to dim as enormous Saharan dust cloud heads to U.S.

A massive dust cloud, coming from Africa's Sahara Desert, is now making its way across the Atlantic Ocean towards the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. This weekend, the dust wave, although not expected to reach the intensity of the colossal 'Godzilla dust cloud' of June 2020, is still expected to bring poor air quality and a murky sky. It's also expected to drop temperatures.


The Saharan dust is so dense and widespread that it could be seen from space on Thursday. NOAA's GOES-EAST weather satellite spotted the first cloud of dust over the eastern Caribbean Sea and the Lesser Antilles, with an even bigger plume of dust emerging off the coast of Africa.

Interestingly, the Saharan dust may impede tropical development in the Atlantic Ocean, disrupting tropical storms and hurricanes formation.