Unsuspecting collector's items star in brilliant 'Antiques Roadshow' prank

Imagine watching Antiques Roadshow and everything that's being appraised are exact items that you have in your own home. That's the premise of this hilarious prank on BBC's wildly popular Michael McIntyre's Big Show.

To pull it off, comedian and show host Michael McIntyre worked with Pauline, the wife of a collector and an Antiques Roadshow fan named Danny, to collect some of his personal items, including an exercise bike, while he was away at work. Then, McIntyre's team went on to stage a fake Antiques Roadshow that only appraised those items, returning them before Danny got home. The big payoff came later when Danny sat down to watch the show and incredulously spotted his own stuff.

I've since watched several of McIntyre's Big Show episodes and, so far, they're all brilliant like this. Good clean, lighthearted fun.

McIntyre is currently on a world tour. Tragically for us in the U.S., he's only stopping in New York City. And two of the three dates are already sold out!