Fake shark fin frightens kids on field trip

A recent prank involving a fake shark fin off the coast of a UK beach caused terror among local children. The fin, which appeared to belong to a great white shark, turned out to be a hoax planted in the water by an anonymous individual.

Crafted out of insulation foam and painted dark grey, the fake fin had a wooden stick attached to weigh it down. It was positioned approximately 300 yards from the coast of Torquay. The prank was discovered by a teacher leading a group of children on a trip with Devon Sea Safari. The captain of the boat, Rob Hughes, inspected the fin and realized it was fake.

The Independent:

The culprit later admitted their prank in an anonymous post on Facebook, claiming that the fin was intended for a "personal video", "I've had fun and got the community talking. I just want to reassure everyone that you have nothing to fear in the sea. The recent shark was supposed to be for a personal video I didn't expect anyone to notice", the Facebook post read.

Mr Hughes said he wasn't "fooled for long" by the fin in a Facebook post from his Devon Sea Safari company.

He wrote: "I wasn't fooled for long. Lack of movement and no tail fin made me investigate further.

"Someone has gone to great lengths to create a hoax great white shark fin. I can't say I'm very impressed."