Chinese restaurant busted for dumpling-eating challenge due to food waste

A restaurant in the city of Yibin, China was busted by authorities for challenging customers to eat 100 dumplings in the shortest amount of time. The winners would receive a free meal and other prizes. Turns out, the eatery may have broken laws around food waste.

From CNN:

The law against wasting food was enacted in 2021, following pointed government criticisms of online bloggers who live-streamed themselves binge eating to draw in viewers. Many of their accounts were subsequently suspended by the social media platforms.

Under the law, restaurant owners can be fined up to 10,000 yuan ($1,400) if their establishments "induce or mislead customers to order excessively to cause obvious waste."

Radio and television stations, as well as online video and audio providers, face a maximum fine of 10 times that amount if they are found to be involved in "making, publishing, promoting programs or audio messages about eating excessively and binge eating and drinking."

The restaurant in Yibin "demonstrates behaviors of binge eating and drinking and inducing customers to order excessively," [state-affiliated news organization The Cover] said, citing the local market regulator.