Gorgeous e-ink wall calendar

The E-Paper Smart Display is a wall-mounted e-ink calendar that shows you a Google Calendar. Sync it with your account and there you go. Unlike some boutiquey e-ink gadgets, it's relatively inexpensive, too: just $150.

Get a feel for the week, without opening your computer or scrolling through your phone. The electronic ink display doesn't clamor for your attention, but it's there when you need it. And the hand-finished wooden frame looks good on the wall and on the desk.

Use your smartphone to configure. Connect to your Google account and select which calendars to display. Choose a layout and tweak it to your needs. From then on, it will update when things change – day for day, week for week.

It uses an 800×480 7.5" display (about 8×5.5" with the frame) and comes with a USB cable and power cord. Here is it on a stand: