Rolling Hills Estates 'rolling' down the hill in landslide

In an ironic twist, Rolling Hills Estates, an affluent gated community in Southern California, now teeters precariously on the edge of disaster as a landslide is sending its residents' million-dollar homes "rolling" down the hill. Over the weekend, the earth beneath 16 residents began to shift and slide, forcing a hurried evacuation as their dream homes started to succumb to the unstable terrain.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department confirmed on Sunday that the evacuation of a dozen homes was underway. Video shows large fissures splitting through driveways, lawns, and the homes themselves, turning the tranquility of this gated community into a nightmare. As the landscape continued to shift unpredictably, residents, some given only a 20-minute warning, were forced to leave behind their lives and their collapsing homes.

A sobering reality is upon Rolling Hills Estates, a neighborhood known for its serenity and affluence where the median value of an owner-occupied home is nearly $1.5 million. Despite their high ground and high status, the community finds itself at the mercy of nature's unyielding force.