The Wendy's Facebook page looks like it's being run by your great-aunt Edith

It's typically pretty cringe when corporations try to make their social media clever or funny, but there are definitely exceptions—the National Park Service twitter, for example, is awesome. I recently stumbled across the Wendy's Facebook page, and whoever runs that social media account should get a raise, because it's hilarious. The page is set up to look like it's written by a character called "Auntie Wendall," and it's chock full of the same kinds of things your elderly aunt or uncle might post—random, context-less posts in ALL CAPS; posts that are meant as direct messages but are posted for all to see; weird backgrounds that have little to no relation to what's being posted; and more.

AdForum explains what's happening:

Playing with the idea that Facebook is for older folk, fast food chain Wendy's reworked its page as if boomers were its predominant users. 

WMMO provides this great description:

Something wonky is happening on the Facebook page for fast-food chain Wendy's. Normally I would say its a marketing thing, but this makes no sense. It literally looks like it was hacked by your grandmother who has a friend named Barb and doesn't know how Facebook works. If these are some kind of viral marketing, I don't know what their goal is, but its working because everyone is talking about it online. And its been happening for months now, and all the posts are still up?!?!?

What makes this great social media campaign even better is that Wendy's has really committed to this persona—they've kept this up for years. Now, THAT'S what I call being dedicated to your art!

If you want a good laugh today, go check it out!