Grizzly released into wild explodes from cage and attacks camera

In Montana, a grizzly bear with a penchant for raiding chicken coops prompted intervention from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks employees. The team devised a plan to trap and relocate the bear back to the wilderness. Writer and photographer Aaron Teasdale was invited to document the mission. He positioned a video camera 15 feet away from the cage, and safely tucked himself away from the bear's reach.

Teasdale anticipated capturing the bear's hasty exit from its cage as it headed toward the nearby river. But the grizzly had other plans. As soon as the cage door lifted, it exploded from the enclosure, hurtling straight for the camera and sending it tumbling.

The video was posted to the popular Instagram channel touronsofyellowstone. The person who runs the channel wrote, "This guy is NOT a touron [(a derogatory term for an irresponsible tourist)]. (I guess sometimes it's not obvious to some of you so I have to say when a post is just an informative post). This video is an example of how ferocious and unpredictable Grizzly Bears can be!"