Trump supporter faces felony charges for "accidental" double voting in previous two elections

James Saunders, a former attorney for the IRS told a judge that he accidentally voted twice in the last two presidential elections. The 56-year-old Trump supporter from Ohio is being tried on two counts of felony voter fraud, reports

Scott Roger Hurley, an assistant public defender, asked Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Andrew Santoli to "come to a just result here that acknowledges that, yes, mistakes do happen, accidents do happen" and find Saunders not guilty of two felony counts of voter fraud.

Andrew Rogalski, an assistant county prosecutor, said the argument would have been more credible if Saunders had done it just once.

"The fact that you do that in consecutive general elections I think takes 'accident' to the land of imaginary doubt, and not reasonable doubt," Rogalski said.

The judge said he will render his verdict on August 8. Let's see if he hands down a sentence comparable to the six years Pamela Moses received for accidentally registering to vote despite being a felon.