Viral video shows girl pelting "Mike Pence" in the head with a water balloon — but is it really him? (video)

A tweet making the rounds shows a young girl hurling a water balloon straight into a head of white hair (fly not included), which many are claiming to be former VP Mike Pence. (See video below, posted by Mayra Photography.)

And to back it up, Vox'x SB Nation said, "I just don't think Mike Pence thought he'd be clocked in the dome by a fastball like this."

But, for better or worse, it doesn't look like it was Pence after all. It turns out, the splashy attack was part of the fun at the annual 4th of July Stewart Manor's water balloon parade in Long Island — nowhere near Urabandale, Iowa where Pence was reportedly hanging out.

It's not clear who it was that got beamed squarely in the noggin, but the good sport took it in stride. As for the talented young pitcher, kudos!

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