Conservatives furious at actress chosen to play Snow White in Disney remake, and you'll easily guess why

It's anyone's guess as to what compels Disney executives to keep churning out low-effort live-action remakes of beloved animated movies they already did decades ago. It's certainly not for actual creative innovation. Oftentimes, they try to get by on star power alone and contain so much CGI that it's doubtful they can even be called live-action to begin with – which sort of defeats the point, doesn't it? Regardless, the next movie in line for this treatment is Snow White, and although we've seen very little official promotional material for it so far, a few leaked set images that recently hit the Internet have the far right doing what they do best: seething about culture war bullshit.

It's very telling to me that instead of any actual, tangible problem with this movie, and the trend of live-action remakes in general, they immediately zero in on the race of the actors involved like it holds any bearing whatsoever.

On the other hand, it's very amusing watching self-described macho men fighting the Satanic cabal or what have you suddenly pretend to care about a children's movie like it's the most important thing in the world.