RFK Jr bares his inner Nazi

Dangerous crank and expert on eugenics RFK Jr went full evil conspiracy theory about Jewish people as a race. In an attempt to absolve himself after being caught going deep on evil eugenics, the presidential candidate used big science words before simply blaming a reporter for reporting the words of a purported Presidential candidate.

RFJ Jr's rant equates to "I didn't say COVID was targetted to spare Jews; I said Jews created it to target others with the sparing themselves part left out, OK??"

This guy needs to go. We don't need distractions like this in the Presidential race when we have the Republican Party's flock of already-elected crackpots. Adding a gas lighting openly anti-vax anti-semite serves no good.

Raw Story:

In fact, Kennedy Jr. said that "there is an argument that [COVID-19] is ethnically targeted," although he did acknowledge that "we don't know whether it was deliberately targeted."

After clarifying that he only meant that COVID-19 was a "proof of concept" for a Jew-sparing bioweapon, he argued that reporters had twisted his words in an effort to make him sound like a madman.

"This cynical maneuver is consistent with the mainstream media playbook to discredit me as a crank — and by association, to discredit revelations of genuine corruption and collusion," he wrote.