Take your safety measures on the road with this hidden camera detector

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TL;DR: The Scout Hidden Camera Detector is a set of eyes that keeps watch for hidden cameras. Purchase it today for $38.99.

One can never be too careful when they're away from the friendly confines of their home. A sad but true reality is that there is no shortage of unsavory characters who will go to great lengths in their pursuit to invade one's privacy. Hotels, AirBnBs, and other vacation-like properties are tested constantly.

According to a survey of more than 2,000 AirBnB guests, "58% said they were worried about hidden cameras in their rental." While it is impossible to stop every attempt, a hidden camera detector is a great way to spot one in the wild. 

For a limited time, you can purchase the Scout Hidden Camera Detector for $38.99 (reg. $99.99). 

This easy-to-use device finds all hidden cameras located in public places, which in turn, helps protect your privacy. It's ideal for people who routinely find themselves on the road for travel. But it works just as well in restaurants and public restrooms. The Scout Hidden Camera Detector employs high-powered LEDs that reflect off camera lenses.

It isn't challenging to get set up and going.

All users have to do is stand five to 15 feet directly in front of the item they think is hiding the camera. Once that's been established, users will then move the device to their eye and look through the aperture. If a hidden camera is detected, Scout will signal a red pinpoint of light back at the user, detecting the hidden camera. No matter the type of camera — CCTV, iPhone, or spy — Scout will find it.

 Making sure you and your family are safe at home is stressful enough. Maintaining that same sense of security shouldn't have to follow you while you're on the road. The Scout Hidden Camera Detector is a great safeguard that you can trust. Purchase it today for $38.99 (reg. $99.99). 

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