Watch Toby Toad having a tea party, gardening, and going for a drive

Meet Toby Toad, who is described on his Instagram page as "Artist." On his TikTok, the only description is "Yee Haw." The site is run by Savannah Mikell, who, in 2019, began noticing the same toad showing up at her house, and decided to start photographing the toad. She soon expanded her work with Toby and started creating videos, too.

The short videos are little slices of life, where we get to see Toby at his little house, surrounded by adorable miniature furniture and other props, doing things like gardening or having a tea party. Sometimes Toby is also filmed selling smoothies, or going for a drive.

The detailed miniatures featured in the videos are pretty impressive. I find the videos charming and hilarious, mostly because Toby looks so naturally and utterly unimpressed at all times. He can't help it, though, he's a toad and that's just what toad faces do.