Australian authorities warn locals to stay away from the mysterious metal cylinder on the beach

News 10 Perth reports that a mysterious cylinder washed up on the beach near Green Head in Western Australia, and that authorities are warning locals to stay away. 155 miles north of Perth, the cylinder is about 2.5m wide and long and it sounds like locals aren't paying much heed to advice.

Residents visited the site on Saturday night to see the cylinder, the ABC reported, with one local describing it as a "great social evening".

"It was a lovely, still night, the kids were digging sand castles around it," he told the ABC.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas said the item was possibly a fuel tank from a rocket that had fallen into the Indian Ocean at some stage in the past 12 months.

Another local-ish news station is at the beach and posted some footage. Looks big enough to fit a few people inside! You'd think people would be a little more cautious, what with other things found lately in the outback.