Leaky truck squirts human waste across Connecticut highway, causing loads of accidents

A tractor trailer leaking human waste made quite a stink when it caused more than just a few skid marks on a highway in Bridgeport, Connecticut last night.

In fact, the truck's wet and runny trail caused a mess of accidents involving 10 vehicles, including a motorcycle, two stationary police cars, and another tractor trailer.

The fast and loose driver, who works for H.I. Stone and Sons — a well and pump repair and drilling company — allegedly knew about the leak but kept pushing on. The lax driver was arrested on several charges, including failing to secure a load, according to Yahoo!.

From Yahoo!:

No major injuries were reported in Monday night's mayhem on Interstate 95 in Bridgeport. Troopers arrested the truck driver on several charges, alleging he knew there was a leak but kept driving. …

The wrecks began shortly after 11 p.m. when the leaking waste caused extremely slick conditions in the northbound lanes, state police said.

A motorcycle rider lost control and fell onto the road, ending up in a hospital with minor injuries. Vehicles crashed into other vehicles and concrete barriers.

Another tractor trailer skidded into a parked state police cruiser, which then struck a second parked cruiser in the median. Both cruisers were unoccupied as troopers were helping others involved in wrecks.

Troopers said they found the driver after witnesses reported the company name seen on the truck. Authorities contacted the company, H.I. Stone & Son, which then called the driver and told him to pull over and wait for police, state police said.

The highway was shut down for hours during the heavy-doody cleanup.