Boebert tosses Uvalde memorial pin in the garbage

US congressperson from the state of Colorado, Lauren Boebert was handed a pamphlet with a pin memorializing the outrageous but all too familiar mass school shooting that occurred in Uvalde, Texas. Boebert marched to a garbage can and threw it away.

Boebert clearly doesn't care about protecting children from what truly endangers them in the United States.

Crooks and Liars:

Controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert just handed her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, an ad for him after organizers with Moms Demand Action and Lives Robbed handed out pamphlets dedicated to one victim, Maite Rodriguez. The organizers included a pin of Rodriguez's green Converse shoes in the booklet. Rodriguez could only be identified after the mass shooting by her green shoes. She was unrecognizable.

An organizer handed the pamphlet to the Colorado Republican and politely thanked her. In response, BoBo walked quickly to the trash and tossed it in the garbage.