Uncle of 10-year-old killed in Uvalde mass shooting arrested for saying f*ck to ex-police chief (video)

Apparently, it's legal to buy an AR-15 in Texas, but saying the f-word can get you arrested.

As was the case yesterday when the uncle of one of the Robb Elementary School victims in the Uvalde mass shooting was arrested for saying "fuck" to the city's former police chief, Mariano Pargas Jr. Yes, the same cowering police chief who passively stood by for 80 minutes before taking action while 19 children and two teachers were murdered — and who now enjoys a job as a county commissioner.

"There were eight to nine students still in that classroom, and you walked the fuck away," said Brett Cross during an Uvalde County Commissioners Court meeting. His 10-year-old nephew, Uziyah Garcia, who Cross was raising as a son, died after a bullet from an AR-15 hit him in the back during the mass murder.

"Watch your language!" one of the commissioners warned Cross.

"Language, language, language. My child is fucking DEAD!" the grieving uncle responded.

And for that, police handcuffed him.

From the Fort-Worth Star Telegram:

Pargas was the acting police chief for the Uvalde Police Department when the shooting happened, the Uvalde Leader News reported. He resigned six months later amid the aftermath, but despite his high-profile role in the mishandling of the shooting, he was reelected as county commissioner.

Cross was arrested and taken into custody by the Uvalde County Sheriff's Department on a charge of disrupting a meeting or procession, KENS reported.

Cross has since been released but says the commission used his profanity as an excuse to keep him quiet, he told the station.

"Profane is burying your child. Profane is picking out which cartoon character is going to be on their casket. Profane is waking up every single day knowing your child isn't here," he said, via the Star Telegram. "The F word is not." Unless you're in Texas, that is.

(See videos below, posted by amuse and Leigh Waldman, of Cross using profanity, and then getting arrested for it.)