Devilish animated clay animation from 1911

This fun animation from 1911 by Walter Booth uses stop motion technology to bring clay characters to life. It features a devil head with a long, stretchy tongue. The devil's mischievous tongue repeatedly  extends out of its mouth and then morphs into another creature's head. 

I love the playful horror and exploration of clay putty as a medium in this video. The artist doesn't try to hide the fact that the characters are made of clay, but embraces it by showing the clay in various balled-up shapes during the construction process.

From Instagram:

"Animated Putty, 1911. 

"Walter Booth made a number of films that began to explore the potential of stop-motion to bring cut-outs, string, and here clay to life. Many of these scenes are also filmed backwards adding to the uncanny effect, with the devilish, gargoyle faces towards the end of the film being particularly delightful. From BFI National Archive via the research of Josh Jefferson for #juxsaturdayschool"