AI-generated dogs are the stuff of nightmares

If you think AI has trouble with human hands (which is true, although it's getting better), check out what AI does with dogs—it's the stuff of nightmares!

Here are some AI-generated dogs (Runway Gen-2) that are so creepy that this is basically a short horror film. 

Here are some more (also Runway Gen-2) that give off a more up-beat vibe, as they are frolicking, playing with balls and frisbees, and the like. They can't shake the creepy vibe, though, as—like the dogs in the previous horror film—they all seem to have extra legs, teeth, heads, and more; they also have snouts that are too long; and they frequently morph into inanimate objects or into their human companions.

Finally, here's a disturbing AI-generated (Elevenlabs, Runway Gen-2, and Midjourney) Dog Food Commercial. These dogs all look more or less 'normal,' but they're dressed in business suits and backed by a strange soundtrack of snorting, grunting, chomping, and panting—which gives the entire thing a menacing vibe, culminating in the horrifying "IAMS" scene at the end (I won't spoil it, go check it out).