Vote for your favorite–or most hated–Gallagher brother by throwing your trash away

There's a new installation in Manchester, England that lets you cast a vote for Liam or Noel Gallagher, of indie rock band Oasis fame/infamy, by depositing trash into one bin or another. Manchester Music posted a photo of the trashy vote on its Facebook page yesterday. Loudwire explains:

Now placed in the city's Picadilly Gardens area is a new trash bin with two openings that is encouraging those disposing of their garbage to pick a side – Liam or Noel. And from the looks of things, Noel Gallagher is out to a slight lead. It's all part of the environmental charity Hubbub's recent partnership with KFC to see if the voting enticement will reduce littering. It's all part of a campaign dubbed #PickYourSide.

The project is an extension of Hubbub's "Ballot Bin" experiment—"the world's first voting ashtray," which reduced cigarette litter by 46 percent. Again, Loudwire:

"We've worked with Instrument Industries, the manufacturers of the original Ballot Bin, to create what we think is a pretty swanky bin," stated the company. "We're biased to be fair, but when was the last time you saw a solar-powered, interactive, customizable and beautifully designed electronic voting bin?"

The choosing of the Gallagher brothers was a particularly smart one, given that the lads hometown likely has more than a few opinions on which of the brothers they prefer. But the Gallaghers aren't the only ones up for debate, as three Big Ballot Bins have been placed around commuter routes in the Picadilly area. The two other issues currently being debated through the trash bins include "Barm vs. Muffin" and Barbie vs. Oppenheimer, noting this weekend's big blockbuster movie showdown.

This time around, the impact of the voting garbage bins will be studied by the environmental tech company Ellipsis Earth, checking if the success rate is great enough to consider launching in other parts of the country.

Read more about the litter project here—the article also has a handy timeline of the Gallagher brothers' long-running feud, if you're interested or need a refresher.