Ron DeSantis backed by Nazi sonnenrad emblem in video allegedly promoted by campaign staff

"Ron DeSantis" is an anagram of "It's Sonenrad": fitting given the latest video reportedly promoted by a campaign staffer, which featured their man superimposed on a favorite symbol of the Nazis.

Once part of the party's offical iconography, the sonnenrad may now be found in white supremacist literature, the manifestos of mass shooters, and posted by supporters of the Republican party's best hope of avoiding a second Trump nomination.

Neither the campaign nor its surrogates have it on their feeds, though, and the account most critics linked to is a nobody with a few hundred followers on š¯•¸, an obscure right-wing social media platform. That said, these meme-soaked, ultra-online videos have been promoted by his campaign before, with one likening their candidate to the fictional serial killer Patrick Bateman receiving wide attention.