Florida approves right-wing jingoistic propaganda channel for use in schools

PragerU's YouTube videos always remind me of Chick Tracts. The State of Florida has approved this hateful source of misinformation as appropriate for kids!

As DeSantis implodes on the National stage, the results of his drive toward fascism are sweeping Florida. Teachers are in outraged but kept in fear of losing their jobs, and they are allowed to teach only lies.

Daily Beast:

The right-wing advocacy group PragerU, infamous for publishing nationalistic videos and for its founder's hate of Pride Month, said Monday that the breadth of its "PragerU Kids" material was approved by Florida to be used in classrooms throughout the state.

A PragerU spokesperson told The Daily Beast it will be "up to teachers" to decide whether they use its "supplemental curriculum" in their classroom. The non-profit says Florida is the first state to approve the content, but they're pushing for other states to join by the fall.

The Florida Department of Education told The Daily Beast in an email that it determined PragerU Kids' material "aligns to Florida's revised civics and government standards" and can be used by school districts at their discretion.