Busted! Florida spring breakers caught on camera dumping loads of trash into ocean (video)

A group of spring breakers yukking it up at Florida's Boca Bash turned the event into Boca Trash when they used the ocean as their own personal dumpster.

Over the weekend, around eight merrymakers on a boat in Boca Raton ventured into the choppy sea, where two of the young gentlemen decided it was time to take out the trash. So they proceeded to dump two large, filled garbage cans right into the ocean.

And it was all caught on video (see first 10 seconds of video below, posted by Wavy Boats), which didn't go over too well with the outraged locals.

"It's everything you can think of, from bottles to cans to garbage to plastic, everything that can kill the environment. It's awful," said two people who live alongside the beach, via WPTV. "The plastic will stay in the ocean and that's how you kill the fish and the whole environment. It's pretty outrageous."

The organizers of the Boca Bash — an annual boating event — made a statement, via WPTV:

We were first informed of the egregious act when Qualified Captain posted the video. We quickly discovered who the owner of the boat was and several people helping us find them had already contacted the authorities to handle the situation. It is irresponsible boat owners like this that give the event a bad reputation.

The Boca Bash regularly asks attendees to keep our waterways CLEAN. It seems the issue was the boaters were paranoid about getting pulled over, which is why we relentlessly ask everyone to pair up with a captain for their Boca Bash trip. We do not condone drinking and operating a vessel by ANY MEANS.

Meanwhile, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is investigating the group's "illegal dumping of trash."

A few years ago, we shared another video by Wavy Boats in a post titled "Watch inept boaters catch air and lose passengers at this Boca Raton inlet." You can see it here.