Ha! Erie Mayor thinks he can get Trump — who stiffed him in 2018 — to pay in advance this time, ahead of rally

Notorious deadbeat Donald Trump, who has stiffed many a worker to the tune of somewhere north of $1 million in total, was told to pay his Erie, Pennsylvania rally fee of $35,129 up front, ahead of this weekend's event. This is to ensure that the twice-indicted former game show host doesn't double the outstanding fee of $35,129 he neglected to pay for his Erie rally in 2018.

Most of the money Trump owes to the city was supposed to pay for overtime that employees and police officers worked for his Make America Great Again event.

"It's important to do this because we're talking about taxpayer money being used to help make his visit more safe," Mayor Joe Schember told GoErie.

From PennLive:

The site reported the city made a formal request for reimbursement following the 2018 rally but received nothing in return from the Trump campaign.

"Trump has been able to bring in millions of dollars for his campaign," [Mayor] Schember said. "He should be able to easily pay these costs to cities."

"Easily" is one thing, "willingly" is another.

"I think we have to try, and I feel like my team feels the same way. … We're going to see whether we can get some payment from them in advance this time," the mayor said about the beggarly MAGA cult leader. Uh, sorry but yeah, good luck with that.