Black man mauled by Circleville police dog was pulled over because his truck "was missing a left rear mud flap"

Jadarrius Rose, the 23-year old black motorist filmed with his hands in the air before police in Circleville, Ohio set a dog on him, wanted to know why he was being pulled over. In fact, he'd called dispatchers at 911 to ask why as he was being pulled over. It turns out that he had a "missing left rear mud flap."

"Right now I'm being chased by like 20 police officers and they all got their guns pointed directly to my truck," a man police believed to be Jadarrius Rose told a Pickaway County dispatcher during a 2-minute call released Monday. "So now I'm trying to figure out why they got their guns all pointed to me and they're all white people." …

On the 911 call with Pickaway County, the dispatcher advised: "Listen to what the officers are telling you."

"They ain't told me nothing, they ain't told me nothing," the caller said. "I don't know why they're pulling me over."

"That guy's got a missing left rear mud flap, bring a dog to set on him" is an interesting train of thought.

Following a pursuit, Rose stood outside his vehicle with his hands raised when a Circleville police officer instructed his dog to attack. A trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol could be heard in a body camera video advising against releasing the dog because Rose had surrendered. …

"Do not release the dog with his hands up!" a trooper can be heard yelling multiple times before Speakman releases the dog.

The bodycam video then appears to show the dog biting and pulling Rose by his arm as he screams loudly.

Although Circleville police vehicles have dashboard cameras and officers are meant to wear body cameras, Circleville Mayor McIlroy said he does not know if Speakman had one on during the incident.

They only put "R. Speakman" on leave after it hit the national news. There are no "racial problems here in the city of Circleville," says its mayor. For the record, it is small town, but it was not after dark when they set a dog on Jadarrius Rose.