This deal gets you two quality drones for just $149.99, over half off its usual cost!

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TL;DR: Enhance your aerial shots with the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro, now over half-off at just $149.99, and it even includes a free Blade X PRO 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone!

Ever have that dream where you're soaring through the skies, looking down at everything miles below? While we have yet to invent personal jet sets, we do have the power to take gorgeous aerial shots with drones. It's been proven to improve both your personal and professional video footage significantly — and doesn't have to cost you much at all. 

Before you assume you can't afford a brand-new drone, you may want to consider The Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO. This drone, complete with 4-way anti-collision properties and a stunning 4K HD camera, is currently 59% off its regular price, now only $149.99. And as a crazy awesome bonus, you'll also get a Blade X PRO 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone for free with your purchase! 

Even if you're new to flying drones, the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro is very user-friendly. For one, it allows you to take pictures or capture video with nothing more than hand gestures and even features a one-key return button that ensures your drone always finds its way back to you. It even boasts WiFi that lets you view whatever it captures in real-time, right on your phone or tablet.

Additionally, the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro promises accurate and stable flight and a 4K HD camera that provides you with crystal-clear captures. In fact, you can even adjust the front duo cameras to get incredibly dynamic aerial views. And thanks to its 1800mAh modular battery, the drone can take as long as a 12-minute flight with incredible control. Plus, one of the coolest things about this drone is the fact that you can experience its flight in a whole new way through the accompanying app and some VR glasses.

As if the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro wasn't awesome enough, this deal also includes a Blade X Pro at no extra cost, which comes equipped with a 3-sided obstacle avoidance system, long-distance control, and a fast 60-minute charging time.

Upgrade your aerial shots and content with this incredible 2-for-1 drone bundle before the price goes back up!

Get the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro and the Free Blade X Pr at the incredibly low price of just $149.99 (reg. $369).

Prices subject to change.