Need a new Nintendo dock for your gaming system? Get one now for only $19.99!

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TL;DR: Want to play your Nintendo Switch on multiple types of screens? You'll need a docking station to make that happen. If you've lost your Nintendo docking station or bought a model like the Switch Lite, you can still get a great model for a low price, only $19.99, with no coupon needed!

The Nintendo Switch is generally regarded as one of the absolute best gaming consoles out there, and not just because it's the only way to play Super Mario Bros. CNN points to its massive game library and versatility as major factors, but also highlights the way you can play the Switch both on the big screen and on the go. There is a tool you need to make that happen, though: a Nintendo docking station.

While most Nintendo Switches come with a dock that connects the device to a bigger screen, you won't necessarily have the docking station if you buy secondhand or get the Switch Lite. Maybe you had one originally but lost it, or you'd like a second one to make playing on the go easier than ever. Luckily, getting a second docking station doesn't have to be pricey anymore. This 3-in-1 Nintendo Switch Docking Station, typically retailing for $24, is now only $19.99 with no coupon necessary!

No, it isn't an official Nintendo docking system (which contributes to that great price). Still, users have consistently given it perfect five-star reviews, highlighting its lightweight, compact design and how it connects with most HDTVs, monitors, laptops, and other devices. No extra driver is needed either! It's easy to take on the go and does precisely what it's meant to. It gives you the ability to play your favorite Nintendo games on the big screen.

Important Note: This docking station supports resolution up to 4k, but the Nintendo Switch itself will only support up to 1080P input.

This 3-in-1 gadget has more abilities than just adding screens. You can charge your console and controllers with it and hook up other gaming accessories like headphones, as it has three ports you can use simultaneously. Basically, it makes playing your video game more enjoyable and more convenient. What's not to love?

Whether you need a replacement or want to maximize your gaming with a docking station, this Nintendo Switch accessory is the perfect addition to your video gaming arsenal.

Grab the 3-in-1 Nintendo Switch Docking Station now for just $19.99 (reg. $24) — no coupon needed!

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