Antisemitic YouTube star Pearl Davis faces an unexpected backlash from Piers Morgan

I had never heard of Pearl Davis before today, but she commands an alarming influence over 1.65 million YouTube subscribers and 265.8 thousand Twitter followers. According to Insider, Davis has posted clips arguing that it's a woman's fault if her male partner cheats, that men should be able to hit women back, and that women don't deserve a man who makes six figures if they are obese. She also claimed that "16-year-old chicks are hotter than 26-year-old chicks."

Davis has been a guest on Piers Morgan's show a couple of times. I've always thought Morgan was an unpleasant person, so I wasn't surprised that he would have a conversation with her. Apparently, Morgan treated Davis with some degree of deference during her past appearances. But when he invited her back on his show yesterday, he was a lot harsher with her, and she seemed genuinely shocked that he failed to appreciate her latest YouTube video, titled "Why Can't We Talk About the Jews?"

The video, now pulled from YouTube, contains deeply troubling lyrics, such as "I am not saying that Hitler was a good guy, but I kind of want to know why…" and "Now there's all these conspiracy theories, and the more they talk I think maybe they are right but I can't even listen to the convo… I can't even have the conversation without getting canceled by the left and the right." These words, indicative of a veiled curiosity towards harmful and debunked theories, pose a significant threat to her millions of impressionable followers. (Here's a copy of the video you want to see how truly hideous it is.)

Morgan asked Davis, "What are the conspiracy theories surrounding Hitler, which you feel the more you hear them, the more you're interested in them?"

To which Davis replied, "Well, I don't know. Because I can't hear them."

Morgan also invited Brooke Goldstein, attorney and founder of End Jew Hatred, on the program, who said something worth remembering when it comes to trying to have a discussion with a bigot: "There's no rational argument with someone like this. And this is a mistake that my community makes, the Jewish community. Very often that they think they can bring facts to the table, that they can debate somebody like Pearl. You're not gonna get anywhere. You're going to get somewhere only by shedding the light on this type of bigotry to expose.