Black man living in nice Georgia neighborhood now routinely films white neighbors asking him what he's doing there

Anthony Gibson lives in a nice neighborhood in Newnan, Georgia, which includes a lake stocked with fish. The neighborhood is named "Springwater Plantation." Gibson is black. His white neighbors constantly ask him what he's doing there, especially when he's using the lake.

In the July 11 video, Gibson sat with two Black female friends when a white resident named Tanya Petty told him that the lake was for "residents only," and that she would take down his license plate to report him to local authorities. 

By the end of the day, Gibson said he and his friends were approached a total of four times that day by residents asking him if he lived in the community.

Gibson has a permit to fish at the lake, which is there to be fished at, and is fished at regularly by white residents. In fact, it was other people using the lake who first challenged him.

He was sitting at the lake with a friend who is white, and nearby were two white men whom he didn't know. One of the men approached Gibson and asked him to provide his address. When Gibson declined, the man called the police. Although he remained calm, Gibson said he "probably was the most upset I've ever been."


I Get harassed when i Go fishing because these privileged people don't think i live in this nice neighborhood! #racistneighborhood #fishinggonewrong #ijustwanttofish #oldladyharrassingme #iliveinthisneighborhood

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