Classic arcade game Discs of Tron left out for garbage collection

The arcade flyer for Discs of Tron.

The 'environmental' cabinet of the 1983 arcade game Discs of Tron is the rarer version of a rare game, an enormous room of a machine worth many thousands of dollars. Tim Lapetino spotted one put out for garbage collection in the Chicago suburbs. It's his now.

remarkably, it seems that this cabinet was owned by a local resident, and it had clearly been dragged down the driveway and left out on the sidewalk with the assumption that the garbage men would take it away. However, it was too large for them to load onto the garbage truck. So it had been sat there for a few days:

My version of this story is the very British equivalent: when I chanced across some JAMMA-type boards in a dumpster behind an arcade in Worthing in the late 1980s, it was soon obvious they'd been destroyed with a drill.