See what happens when Eiderdown is submerged in water

See what happens when Eiderdown, a water resistant material, is submerged in water. I feel like my eyes are playing a trick on me when I see this ball of fluffy down feather dunked into water, and then see it come out completely dry. 

So what is Eiderdown, anyways? It comes from the feathers of an eider duck, and is one of the lightest materials out there. Despite this, it provides high quality insulation in comforters and duvets.

Here are some fun facts about Eiderdown:

"Fiber structure: The fibers of the down are tangled together in a unique way."

"Softness: Eiderdown is incredibly soft, so soft that it feels like you're touching a cloud."

"Insulating: It has powerful insulating and temperature-regulating properties."

"Lightness: Eiderdown is very light. It naturally expands and holds a lot of air while providing powerful insulation."

"Compression resistance: It is extremely resistant to compression, ensuring that duvets made from it will continue to stay fluffy."