Timelapse video of weird food cooking in an oven

Watch timelapse video of weird food that doesn't typically get baked inside of an oven. The video shows some typical oven foods getting baked like bread and meat, which is fun to watch, but it also shows some foods that aren't usually baked getting cooked, like grapes and watermelon.

I found the fruit to be the most entertaining to watch, due to the way it swelled up and down so much in the heat of the oven. I might just have to cook a watermelon now so I can see what it tastes like.

"This video shows you a whole bunch of different food items being time lapsed in a regular oven. Things you would normally put in the oven like various meat, croissants etc, but also other things that don't belong in it, like grapes, watermelon, jelly, and ice cream."