AI version of Disney CEO says Disney's magic "doesn't need people to make it happen now"

Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company has good news: "You may have heard in the news how writers, actors and our theme park cast members are making unrealistic demands, like asking we pay for their housing and food instead of them just making magic for you out of the love they have for the work."

As you might have guessed, the video is an AI-generated satire, but like all satire, it's based on truth.

This video, created by David August, depicts Iger introducing Disney's strategic shift towards AI. "In Disney's wonderful world of AI, those cast members are no longer concerns. The magic doesn't need people to make it happen now," Iger stated, suggesting a transformative change in the company's operational model.

In the coming weeks and months, AI-Iger plans to share more details about the AI initiatives Disney is working on. These projects, he said, will be delivered directly from the Walt Disney Company's computers to the audience, replacing traditional broadcast and cable television models.

While acknowledging the disappointment that many feel about the changing creative landscape, AI-Iger assured viewers that the magic of Disney would continue. The company is currently training its machines to replicate the magic of Disney performances and writing, preserving their essence for future generations.

"The best part is that the people who won't make the magic out of sheer joy alone no longer need to and they don't even need to know it is happening. In the wonderful world of AI, we've got the enchantment covered. We'll take care of it all with one machine" AI-Iger added, hinting at a future where AI takes over the creation of Disney's enchanting narratives.

Dubbed as "automagical," this AI-powered system promises to handle all creative responsibilities, allowing viewers to sit back and enjoy new shows and movies inspired by beloved Disney stories and performances.

[Thanks, John Shirley!]