Prankster infiltrates MAGA march, claims Black Lives Matter wants to ban Oreo cookies

Walter Masterson is a prankster who attends MAGA rallies disguised as a fellow cultist. Instead of arguing with the Trump supporters, he adheres to his motto of "Don't debate, imitate," and shouts bizarre statements into his bullhorn.

In the video below, Masterson approaches a man wearing a red cap and holding a sign that reads, "THE ONLY TIME BLACK LIVES MATTER IS WHEN THEY ARE SHOT BY A WHITE POLICEMAN OR AN OREO COOKIE DEFEND ALL POLICEMEN!!!!"

Masterson says, "Black Lives Matter wants to get rid of Oreo cookies!"

"No!" says the sign holder. "Those are Black policemen–"

But Masterson interrupts him and says, "No! The Oreo cookies, Nabisco, Chips Ahoy, all of it. They want no more Keebler elves!"

"There are people with white suits and butterfly nets waiting for you," says the sign holder. "Over there at the corner. They're going to take you straight to Bellevue. There'll be somebody there to give you medicine that you really need to get into –"

"Clinton is working to try and take away your Oreo cookies," says Masterson, cutting the sign holder short. "Wake up America!"

The second half of the video shows Masterson marching with a group of anti-vaxxers. He shouts into his megaphone, "I don't trust doctors. I don't trust medical professionals. I trust my roommate, who is a personal trainer, a DJ, and sells herbal medicines. It's not a pyramid scheme, OK?"

An anti-vaxxer confronts him and says, "Are you part of our group?"

Masterson launches into an incoherent rant about Doctors Without Borders. The anti-vaxxer, clearly annoyed, tells Masterson, "You don't know what you're talking about." He then turns to Masterson's colleague who is recording the interaction and says, "What the fuck are you looking at?"