Boston cop has one helluva bad ride down a playground slide: "Oh f*ck!"

When a park sign warns adults not to use their tunnel slide, it's probably best to take the advice, as a Boston police officer learned the hard way.

In a video that has gone viral, ominous clanking sounds coming from within a tunnel slide are heard — along with a bystander's laughter — before the officer is seen shooting out of the playground contraption feet first, face down. And it ain't a smooth ride as his legs jump the track and straddle the side of the halfpipe before his body torpedoes off and skids across the ground while he utters, "Oh fuck!" (See video below, posted by Live Boston.)

According to Mediaite, the same ornery slide — recommended for children ages 5–12 — has abused other adults in the past. Fortunately, this officer sustained only minor injuries and was able to immediately return to a more familiar, safer space — as in back to work.