Real estate agent fined $20,000 for secretly chugging milk from carton in homeowner's fridge (video)

A Kamloops, British Columbia real estate was caught on camera opening a homeowner's refrigerator, helping himself to a container of milk, and then chugging it directly from the carton. The agent, Mike Rose, apparently unlocked the home with a key in a lockbox and was waiting for clients to arrive when, he says, he became parched as a result of stress and new medicine he was taking. After reviewing surveillance video footage, the BC Financial Services Authority fined Rose $20,000 for this unseemly act.

From North Shore News:

The sellers later reviewed video footage from a security camera inside their home and discovered that Rose drank some of their milk.

The potential buyers had a final viewing on July 18, 2022, where the sellers confronted Rose by asking him if he had anything he wanted to share.

According to the consent order, Rose replied: "The milk?"