Southwest passenger gets a reality check after asking pilot if he's drunk

Airline pilot Paul Barbee posted this TikTok video of a foolish Southwest passenger who thought it would be amusing to ask the captain if he was drunk and film his reaction. The ill-judged attempt at humor didn't get the response the passenger, who claimed to be a comedian, was hoping for.

The video begins with the passenger approaching the pilot and asking if he has been drinking. The captain instantly retorts, "You know what, that's the stupidest fucking thing you could say to me."

Despite the passenger's repeated assertions that he was merely joking, the captain remained stern, even threatening to remove him from the flight. He explained that such a question could cast doubt on his professionalism among other passengers. "I don't go into your work center and shit on your situation. Don't do it again," he added.

The passenger apologized, stating that he didn't mean to offend, and then trained the camera on his own face. "Wow," he said. "See what I mean about life?" You mean life as an asshole? Yes, we see, and it must suck for you.