Get a 3-in-1 USB-C wireless charger for only $39.99 and make your back to school experience even better

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TL;DR: Thanks to our Back-To-School Sale you can power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other USB-C devices with this 3-in-1 wireless charger that costs you only $39.99 (reg. $119.99), a discount of 67%. 

Keeping your devices charged and ready to go is a necessity. There is nothing worse than heading off to work or school only to realize that your beloved Apple electronic device doesn't have enough juice to get you through your day. Really, we are living in a world that requires us to stay connected at all times, and without a sufficient charge that just isn't possible. Don't worry, we've got the perfect solution. 

The Multi-Device Wireless Charger charges three devices at once, which means you don't have to pick and choose between all your necessary devices. In fact, this multi-device wireless charger is the complete charging solution for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and any other USB-C devices that you use every day. 

The stylish magnetic design not only makes your charging life simple, it also looks cool. All you need to do is click your device in place, and presto—you've got a charge happening. The lightweight and portable design means you can charge while on the go and keep going back for more. With Qi built-in to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the time, so can save time and get all the power to your devices that you need. 

Heading back to school doesn't have to break the back this year, thanks to our Back-to-School Sale you can get everything you need to make your back-to-school experience the best ever. 

Get the Multi-Device Wireless Charger for $39.99 (reg. $119.99), a discount of 67%. 

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