Elon Musk promises to livestream Zuckerberg fight on Twitter, if it even happens

After an ill-conceived boxing match between Ultimate Divorced Guy Elon Musk and Alien Skinsuit Wearer Mark Zuckerberg was called off thanks to Elon's mom (rightfully) not wanting her son to get humiliated on live TV by someone almost fifteen years his junior for no real reason, it's apparently back on.

Musk himself has announced the fight (which doesn't have a confirmed date, venue, or even participants) will be streamed on the platform formerly known as Twitter, which is a bold choice given that Twitter's audio streaming has all the stability of a gingerbread house in a rainstorm, to say nothing of high-definition video.

With any luck, his mom will stay out of it this time and give us what will no doubt be the funniest streaming event in history – just not for the reasons they want.