Political genius Marjorie Taylor Greene has fascism and communism mixed up

Georgia's performative congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't have a firm grasp on systems of governance. In yet another babble-filled rant about why Trump good and Biden baaaaaad, Marge exposed her unfamiliarity with exactly what communism is, although she clearly believes it is awful.

A big fan of fascism and President Trump, Marge seems to think this is freedumb.

Crooks and Liars:

"They have no policies to run on," she said while being a member of the party whose sole platform is to fight wokeism.

"The only thing they can run on is to continue smearing President Trump's name," she said. "And I just wanna follow up and say, Maria, the more times they indict President Trump, the more people realize that the Biden administration is a communist regime."

"And for the first time, Americans are actually seeing what communism really looks like," she falsely said. "And we have to stand up to this."