These night vision binoculars even let you record video — and they're only $99.99

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TL;DR: Want to see what's actually going on in nature in the dark? Then you need to buy these Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1080p HD Recording (yes, you can record video with them!). While they're typically priced at $159, right now, they're available for just $99.99.

Calling all outdoors lovers! While there's so much to experience in nature during the daylight, there's a lot that goes on as soon as the sun sets. (You can see the stars, different animals come out, and there are fewer people and crowding, among many other reasons to love nature at night, as Outdoor Magazine points out.) Unfortunately, the lack of light that makes it special also makes it hard to, well, see all of that.

With this device, though, you can now take much more of the outdoors in at night. The Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1080p HD Recording allow you to see much more of what's going on at night and even record it in high definition. Best of all, these binoculars are now on sale: Instead of selling for $159, they're now available for only $99.99. No coupons needed!

With these binoculars, complete darkness is no longer an issue. In fact, you can see up to 300 meters away! It's easy to adjust how you're seeing the world, too, as they have seven different brightness levels and four different color effects (see in color, black and white, green, or even infrared). Want to put something in greater detail? Use the 10x optical magnification lens to get a sharper, crisper image of a plant or animal.

These binoculars come in handy for all kinds of activities: hunting, hiking, camping, night fishing, wildlife watching, cave exploring, and so on. There's just so much to see and do at night!

But you don't just take in the world with these binoculars. You can also record what you see in 1080p HD with a 4x digital zoom, allowing you to capture quality imagery, even without light. Share your nighttime photos and videos with the world, or use them to play back and spot what you missed during your nature excursion.

Other things we love about this tool: It's so compact and light, it literally fits in your pocket, so it's not a burden to take around. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, making it easy to keep the binoculars powered up. Plus, there's plenty of storage capacity on its memory card.

There's a whole world out there at night you don't normally see. Experience it firsthand for yourself and buy the Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1080p HD Recording for only $99.99 now.

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