These all-purpose Japanese knives are now $350 off

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TL;DR:  A quality knife set is a must for any kitchen. Now, you can get five top knives, the Ryori™ Shefu: Set of Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knives — typically retailing for $599 — for only $249.99.

Cooking is one of the most necessary skills someone can have. It's also, with the right tools and attitude, one of the most enjoyable. And while you need a plethora of pots, pans, cups, and more to put together a meal, one of the most essential items, as even Food & Wine notes, is a sharp, quality knife when you want to put together a good meal.

But while a common kitchen set is very accessible, actual good knives can make a serious dent in your wallet. That's why we're so excited about this knife set. The Ryori™ Shefu: Set of Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knives typically goes for $599, but now it's on sale for just $249.99. That's five knives total, 58% off. No coupons needed!

There is a lot to love about these five knives. First off, they're made of a special kind of steel: Black-Hammered Carbon Fireball Damascus Steel. You can be sure these knives are solid and durable. They're also designed to be ultra-sharp, so they can cut through anything. And let's not forget the ebony and rosewood handle. Not only does it make for a gorgeous knife, it also makes for an easy grip.

You'll get a knife for multiple times of cooking, cutting, and preparing, too. In total, the set comes with:

  1. Ryori™ Shefu All Round Chef Knife (8-Inch)
  2. Ryori™ Shefu Korouchi Chef Knife (9-Inch)
  3. Ryori™ Shefu Nakiri Knife (8-Inch)
  4. Ryori™ Shefu Santoku Knife (8-Inch)
  5. Ryori™ Shefu Utility Knife (5-Inch)

No kitchen is complete without a set of quality knives, so get the Ryori™ Shefu: Set of Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knives for only $249.99 today. It'll change the way you cook forever.

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