Dash cam exposes cops conspiring to terrorize and entrap a peaceful protestor

Jonathan Guessford failed to be submissive enough for some Delaware State Police officers. Guessford was exposing the presence of a speed trap ahead with a handmade sign. The police took offense and illegally destroyed the sign. When Guessford flipped them the bird as he drove away, the thin blue line decided it was time to launch a campaign of harassment.

The camera records the cops plotting among themselves, and then later, one officer of the law calls a superior for assistance in covering up their known mismanaged situation and what sounds like a consultation on further harassment. Take a moment to remember these cameras are known to be recording, so these guys are really just that stupid.

Failure to back the blue is not a crime. Especially when there are far too many of these stories.

Delaware Online:

Box tells Popps that he will get complaints from Guessford and states again that Guessford is eventually going to mess up to the point "we are really going to be able to lock him up."

"We need to look at something more that applies, like maybe, something stupid, like parked in the roadway, something that will fly," Popps replies.

Popps tells Box that he is going to "do some more work up on this guy."

"Unfortunately, I mean, we can't pull people over; we can't write them tickets for telling us to (expletive) off or giving us the middle finger, stuff like that," Popps tells Box. "That is their right to do so."

Box then takes a call with one of the officers involved in ticketing Guessford, tells the officer that Popps said the ticket isn't legitimate and the officer replies: "Well, at least it inconveniences (Guessford)."