"Monumental Head" installed at Artemizia's sculpture garden in Bisbee, Arizona

I was excited this weekend to see artist John Tuomisto-Bell's "Monumental Head" sculpture that was recently installed in the sculpture garden at Artemizia in Bisbee, Arizona. Artemizia describes the piece:

Sculptor par excellence John Tuomisto Bell's MONUMENTAL HEAD will soon be installed in Artemizia Foundation's Sculpture Garden. 

On its custom plinth, this magnificent bronze sculpture will be nearly 12' tall and look out over visitors' heads on the newly expanded patio. 

Artemizia is, according to its website, a "contemporary, graffiti and street art museum, gallery, and educational facility presenting world-class exhibitions, sophisticated events and inspiring lectures." It's absolutely spectacular and well worth a visit.

In addition to the "Monumental Head," Artemizia also recently acquired John Tuomisto-Bell's sculptures "Walking Man" and "Falling Man," which are smaller in scale than "Monumental Head," but equally compelling.

On his website, John Tuomisto-Bell describes his art:

I have over 25 years' experience in the "Lost Wax" method of casting bronze. At my Phoenix studio, I have built and constructed all the necessary equipment (wax, furnace, burnout, slurry room, metal chasing, fabrication, and patina) to produce, cast and fabricate my work. Currently I co-own and operate the full-service art foundry: Tuomisto Bell Studio Foundry (founded 2001) which produces all of my work and a few prestigious clients like Heloise Crista and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

For more information about the artist, visit his website.