Spider whose bite causes dangerous erections in humans shuts down supermarket

A supermarket in Krems an der Donau, Austria was evacuated last week after staff spotted what they believe was a Brazilian wandering spider, also known as a banana spider. The excruciatingly painful bites from these highly-venomous arachnids can cause rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, and priapism—a prolonged erection that can last hours. Interestingly, researchers are studying the venom as a possible new treatment for erectile dysfunction. The supermarket remains closed.

From The Independent:

The four-inch spider was said to have been seen when staffed opened a box of bananas…

In a statement, the Rewe retail group, which operates the PENNY stores, said "comprehensive cleaning and disinfection measures" were underway, before the outlet reopens next week.

"All measures are for safety and are carried out meticulously so that the branch can be reopened," the retailer added.