Florida woman poured Mountain Dew over herself to erase evidence after arrest. It didn't work.

A Florida woman allegedly killed her elderly roommate and washed herself with Mountain Dew, the delicious carbonated soft drink, believing this would erase any evidence that implicated her in Michael Cerasoli's death. Nichole Maks, 35, was nonetheless charged with first-degree murder and booked into Volusia County Jail on August. 5. Maks was also charged with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest.

Immediately a suspect after Cerasoli's body was found, not least because of the blood in her bedroom and the inconclusive fire set therein, Maks was tracked down to at nearby Krystal's restaurant in Holly Hill, Florida.

While escorting Maks to the patrol car, detectives informed her they would be collecting her DNA. It was then that she asked police for a drink, and they gave her a diet Mountain Dew soda. Officers said she began to procrastinate while drinking the soda. When a detective tried to grab the soda can from her, police said Maks doused herself with it, pouring it over her body and hair, trying to interfere with possible evidence on her body. She then began "pulling and kicking officers" as they tried to secure her in the vehicle, the affidavit stated.

There should be no such crime as "resisting arrest" because assault of an officer covers everything that matters, but I'm all for the criminalization of procrastination.

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