Fox News reaction to Trump's 4th indictment: "Donald Trump is in a pickle" (video)

The Fox News reaction to Donald Trump's fourth indictment yesterday sums up the completely delusional and out-of-touch mindset of the Republican party.

"Donald Trump is in a pickle," host Steve Doocy said, as if Trump had absent-mindedly sent Melania a bouquet of flowers with another woman's name on the card, or accidentally called one of the plumbers he stiffed on the last job. But no, in this case, Doocy was lamenting the fact that yeah, "he's got all these indictments and stuff" but "this is a different case because it's a state case as opposed to a federal case."

And the "pickle"? Well, as Doocy explains, "in the federal stuff, if he were elected, he could pardon himself. But he can't in Georgia, because that's a state, they've got a board, and you can't get a pardon until five years after you've served your time." So in MAGAland, it's not that they've got a frice-indicted former one-term twice-impeached president that has lured them all into the most scandalous conspiracy theory in U.S. history, but it's that the pardoning laws in Georgia have thrown the conman into a pickle. And here we are. (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

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