Traveling abroad in the near future? Grab this eSIM card that gives you $50 worth of data

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TL;DR: Stay connected in over 170 countries with the aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSim Plan: Pay $25 for $50 Credit

Staying connected when you are traveling abroad can be a total pain. Well, that is until now. Thanks to this eSIM (digital SIM card) you can connect with friends, family, and work wherever you find yourself in your travels.

This eSIM lets you stay affordably connected in over 170 countries and regions, and this SIM is a lifetime SIM, which means you can keep forever and use it whenever you need to. 

The aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSim Plan: Pay $25 for $50 Credit is basically mobile data. Once you've activated it on your device—you are able to connect to data networks in other countries and regions. It really is that easy! Oh, and most importantly…NO roaming charges. 

There are never any monthly charges, this eSIM is yours and you can reload it with other prepaid eSIM data packages onto your phone, tablet, or computer. This deal gives you $50 in eSIM data credit, which is almost enough to cover all your data roaming fees for a year. If you do run out of data, simply reload and stay connected. 

Some important things to know: 

  • Pay $25 for a lifetime eSIM with $50 in travel data credit
  • Use your eSIM to join data networks in 170+ countries
  • Install your lifetime eSIM on a compatible device to roam on local data networks
  • Your lifetime eSIM never expires and can be topped up with more data anytime
  • Many data packages cost as little as $4.50 and last 7 days, not 30. Depending on the package you choose, the length of time varies.
  • The actual data package is only valid for the length of time stated at purchase. 
  • We recommend people purchase and install eSIM ahead of their trip to ensure a good connection and ease of use. 

Get thealoSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSim Plan: Pay $25 for $50 Credit (reg. $50), a discount of 50%. 

Prices subject to change.